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Sealcoating is crucial to the long life you want from your asphalt. This process seals the asphalt surface to protect it from environmental and mechanical wear elements.  These wear elements can destroy your driveway during and throughout the destructive seasons of the Midwest.

Quality equipment is a crucial part of a successful business like Drive Way Maintenance. That is precisely why the fleet of equipment that Dave Grgich has invested in has stood the test of time. The mastered skill within him and his workers is tried, true and tested. State-of-the art, laser focused equipment has been instrumental for years.

Full Asphalt Services

There are a handful of services that we can deliver, install or repair with your asphalt driveway that ensure a safe, beautiful driveway for years to come.

We can do them all.

Sealcoating, pothole repair, crack filling, leveling and replacing and general repair are what we do best.

Seeding and Sodding

A lush, vibrant green lawn showcases and frames your home. Both seeding and sodding are the easiest way to restore your lawn. We can give you a free estimate and give you the yard that you deserve.

Landscape Grading

Ensure that the water in your yard goes where it should to nourish vegetation, but stays away from your built structures. Secure the foundation of your home and let the flowers grow.

Landscape Services

Our Landscape Services is a division of Drive Way Maintenance, which was established in 1978. Whether it’s landscape leveling and grading. Or enhancing and repairing your landscape around finely edged walks. These details give you the lawn that you have been wanting.

Decorative stone work and landscaped bed construction can be a big job to do on your own. Let our team of professionals help you choose what will work best for your project.

Snow Removal

The winters of the midwest can leave you “snowed-in”. We can help you arrive where you need to be on time.

We’ll keep you and your driveway safe from elements.